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Submit Mobile Apps/Games to Brothersoft

How to Submit Mobile Apps/Games to Brothersoft

1. Make sure it is your Apps/Games, and don’t submit copyrighted, obscene or any other material which violates Brothersoft's Terms of Use.

2. The process of Apps/Games submission:

• For iOS Apps/Games, you should submit iTunes page link to us. For example:


Link URL:

• For others, prepare an archive for your Apps/Games, named “Submit Apps to Brothersoft - Name+OS”.Your archive must include:

• APK file for Android, XAP file for Windows Phone, Jad file for Java, SIS/Sisx file for Symbian

• 4 - 10 Screenshots without any watermark (320x480 or 240x320)

• ICON (512x512)

• Document for Apps information, include:

App Name

Current Version

File size


Category(Category List)


System Requirements

Developer Name

Official Homepage

Contact Email Address

3. After submission

• Send your archive to , your email Subject must be the same as your archive name. Like Submit Apps to Brothersoft - Name+OS

• We’ll examin your submission and add it to our website within 2 working days, and we’ll send you the app/game link.

• If you want to promote your app/game in our website, please contact with Sunny Yin: , thank you!

4. If you add our link in your homepage, we’ll give your request priority.

• Title: Brothersoft / Mobile Apps Download

• Image: Logo for Brothersoft Mobile

• Link: