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Omniflash 1.0


The story of the legendary Kairon Ares's heirs.

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Description of Omniflash 1.0

The story of the legendary Kairon Ares's heirs, Miquelia Ares and Leanzer Ares, which brought into the same Battlefield without knowing each other. It's the same as always, survive, intrigue, slander, pressure, explosions, and love… In the hangar of Blue Crystal, a customized mobile suit piloted by Miquelia is set and ready to launch… it is called …. Omniflash.

Features :
- 32 stages divided into 4 areas.
- Weapon Selection, you can select 4 different weapons (instead of the ball) to destroy the bricks or the Enemies *the ammo is limited.
- Shield, use your shield to bounce the ball which is one of your deadly weapon. Or use it wisely to protect you from the enemies' weapon.
- Smash, whack your ball and turn it into a burning ball which will pierce through the enemies' defense.
- Big Boss, big bosses will be waiting in the end of each area, and also, prepare for the final encounter!!
- Energy Limiter, limited movement area for omniflash, which means you are in reach with Blue Crystal mothership.
- Trap, beware for the trap inside the bricks, it could kill you instantly!
- Power Up Item, don't forget to get them all, and also the ammo for your weapon

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