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NekoCat 4.4


NekoCat is a little cat that sits on your Palm and chases the food.

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NekoCat 4.4 Screenshot

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Description of NekoCat 4.4

NekoCat is a little cat that sits on your Palm and chases the food (bird, mouse or fish) that you tick on the screen until he catches it. This so cute little cat then goes through a series of absolutely adorable activities, such as cleaning himself and taking a nap.

Updates Description:

4.4 (09/17/07)
- recompiled this program with the latest iziBasic version 6.1 to avoid device freezes or soft resets on some devices

4.3 (11/04/05)
- Bug fix: the small images checkbox now refreshes when setting to default values in the options

4.2 (02/23/05)
- Recompiling this program with the latest iziBasic version 5.0 led to a 12 KB (-9%) decrease of the program's foot print

4.1 (01/19/05)
- source code upgrade for the food selection checkboxes: for a better and smoother displaying, they are now refreshed instead of being rebuilt when changing food

4.0 (01/04/05)
- added an option to switch to small images for devices with high resolution screen

3.0 (12/02/04)
- switched reference source code from HSPascal to iziBasic, this was a complete rewrite of this software!
- removed a white square appearing on the cat when moving the food in the case food was over the cat
- NekoCat now remembers last status when exiting

2.3 (09/18/02)
- added Donation information
- upgraded this help file

2.2 (07/05/02)
- NekoCat could remain frozen. Now, it will freeze only if you double tick on the menu button (asked by people who like to see NekoCat in position!). Double ticking on the screen, choosing a menu option or selecting one of the foods will unfreeze it.

2.1 (05/25/02)
- minimum Palm OS version check
- code update for Palm OS < v3.5 compliancy
- code update for Palm OS v5 compliancy
- update of contact info (web site, e-mail)

2.0 (02/07/02)
- color version

1.2 (12/18/01)
- menu bar
- small icon
- cosmetic enhancements
- reset to default values in the options window

1.1 (12/03/01)
- options for customizing the different activities of NekoCat

1.0 (11/28/01)
- initial release

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