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Live UK Train Times 0.3.27


This helps me find out if my train is late in the morning.

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Java, Palm OS


Description of Live UK Train Times 0.3.27

This helps me find out if my train is late in the morning.
The application uses the National Departure Boards web site to display the current status of the trains AT a particular station. Its a bit of a pain but you have to go onto the site first to find out the station code.
The station code can be seen on the browser URL so for Sowerby Bridge train station the URL is http://www.livedepartureboards.co.uk/ldb/summary.aspx?T=SOW so the station code is T=SOW. This code needs to be added to the Settings page so that the correct station is returned.
Sowerby Bridge station is the default station code, because its my local station :)
Current UK train station status obtained via www.livedepartureboards.co.uk
Stores the last status on your device so that you don't have to keep going on LINE to retrieve the same details.
Stores a list of all the station codes you have used so that you can quickly change between them. This is Useful for outgoing and incoming stations.

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