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Karateka 1.35


The Karateka plot is as simple as an action game.

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Description of Karateka 1.35

Yes, these are the images you eventually remember from the days when Apple still had the chance to be No.1 in the business...Believe it or not, the Karate game is back to life in your Palm! Featuring 4 level color/grayscale graphics and sound, the first large-scale action game ever is set to conquer another platform - PalmOS. Get your fists ready!

"The finest aspect of Karateka, and one that hasn't lost anything due to the game's age was how well Jordan Mechner could tell a tale with nothing but visuals and musical cues. There is no dialogue, not even text. Characters merely make gestures and the music plays their mood so wonderfully that one knows what the characters are 'saying' without hearing/seeing a single world. It's brilliant and such an achievement has only been achieved a few times in the history of gaming. For their time frame, the graphics were well done. Crisp, clean, and effective, they were exceptional for when the game came out. [And] at the time, the basic concept (running down the hall fighting opponents in a very simplified fighting game style) was enjoyably fresh."

The Karateka plot is as simple as an action game plot needs to be: the evil Akuma (translated evil spirit) had captured the beautiful princess Mariko. Our hero (that is you) happens to be in love with her and brave enough to run for a rescue mission. To get to his beloved, he must fight his way to Akuma's lair and defeat him.


- Various opponents with increasing skills
- Professional large-scale graphics
- Smooth animation
- Hardware buttons or keyboard control (for Handspring Treo or with snap-on keyboards)
- Support for color and B/W devices (B/W devices may need to adjust the screen contrast in order to play)
- Original game music

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