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Jomtris Winter 2009 1.60


Jomtris is a "tetris" style of casual game on your phone.

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Jomtris Winter 2009 1.60 Screenshot

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Jouni Miettunen

Description of Jomtris Winter 2009 1.60

Jomtris is a "tetris" style of casual game. You handle, drop and remove 4-tile pieces (tetrominoes) as long as possible - and that's it. One game session should take max 5-10 minutes.

The playing field is vertical 10x20 square field. There are seven different shaped pieces dropping down ever faster, which you have to arrange nicely at the bottom. All full rows are removed, to give you some more Space to arrange even more pieces.

You can play either with joystick or keyboard or both at the same time

-You always get all seven different tetrominoes in a group, but in random order. This makes playing more predictable, you KNOW that the piece you're waiting for will arrive soon.
-The more rows you remove at the same time, the more points you get. Four rows removed together gives three (3) times more points that 1 row removed four times.
-Game gets faster every time you remove 10 rows. Then you also get more points per piece/row.
-You can use devices having vertical screen (portrait), horizontal screen (landscape) or rotating screen.
-You can pause game. When at pause, your phone uses less battery (screensaver support is activated). Game goes on pause also, when it's running at background.
-Top-10 highscore and some settings.

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