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goText 2.3.1


You can use to send free SMS messages to anyone in the world with it.

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goText Team

Description of goText 2.3.1

goText is mainly a small Java software for mobile phones that you can use to send free SMS messages to anyone in the world.

How it works:

goText has its roots in a simple principle: data sent through internet connection is cheaper than data sent through voice channels.

Have you ever heard of Voice over IP (VoIP)? VoIP sends your voice over the internet connection.

goText does the same! Your sms message is sent using mobile phone's GPRS connection.

GPRS data usually costs something like 1 euro cent or less for each Kb. goText is highly optimized to send the SMS message using only as few data as possible, and usually is in the order of 1 / 1.5 Kb total (that is including both outgoing and incoming traffic).
So 1 Kb * 1 eurocent/kb = 1 cent total!

This also means that if your mobile phone has WiFi connection you can send messages completely for free when you are near one hotspot.

You are going to send 100% free messages also if you have a flat rate for you gprs/umts data traffic.

Learn more infomation, please visit the follow link:

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