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Flip It 1.1


Choose heads or tails, flip it and see the instant result.

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Description of Flip It 1.1

In these Visa/MasterCard/ times who are carrying coins anymore? Every day yet more and more people find themselves in a situation where they want to flip a coin, but are missing one to flip.

Flipping your Pocket PC isn't a very bright Solution either. I tried it once, but for two obvious reasons it's not really a good idea:

-The general condition of a Pocket PC doesn't seem to take the 'flips' very well.
-The weight of the Pocket PC don't guarantee a fair flip, due to the fact that it's not completely balanced.

What to do? And the answer is of course: Flip It. Flip It is a flip-a-coin simulator, taking the stone age tradition 'Flip a coin' (at that time known as "Flip a rock") into the 21st century.

Choose heads or tails, flip it and see the instant result, plus historical statistics.

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