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DoomGLES 0.7


This is a First Person Shoot game produce by Kokak.

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Description of DoomGLES 0.7

DoomGLES is an OpenGL-ES port for Dell axim x50v, x51v, and O2 XDA Flame (and any PocketPC which contain the intel 2700g or Nvidia GoForce 5500 graphic chipsets) of DoomGL.
DoomGL was developped in 1998-1999. It ran fine on a Pentium 200 with a 3Dfx voodoo card. Nowadays, we have mobile systems which have enough power to run such applications, so I decided to port DoomGL to OpenGL-ES.
DoomGLES has all the features of DoomGL (and more):
- 640 x 480 native support.
- Free look.
- Bilinear filtering with mipmapping.
- Coronas on light sources.
- Dynamic lighting (multitextured lightmaps).
- MD2 monsters and objects.
- Normal mapping support. (GoForce only)
- "Realistic" water support. (GoForce only)
- Glow effect. (GoForce only)
- Posteffects. (GoForce only)

What's new:
"Music streaming stops after loading a savegame" Bug fixed.
Font rendering bug fixed.

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