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Bro Dudes 1.3


Bro Dudes is a 2D platform shooter where you become a valiant Bro, on a quest to

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Description of Bro Dudes 1.3

100% Free: NO Ads, NO DLC!

Bro Dudes is a 2D platform shooter where you become a valiant Bro, on a quest to rescue the fair princess, err President's dinner from the clutches of an evil Dragon . um Ninjas.You control the actions of a daring Bro, finding his way through the dangerous areas which has been populated with treacherous monsters and obstacles.In the mysterious areas, around the beach, your odyssey continues against the awesome forces that oppose your efforts to reach the Drag... Ninja's hideout.Lead on Bro, your quest awaits!

One of the biggest challenges with 2D platformers on mobile devices are the Touch controls.During testing, the controls were the number one topic we received feedback on.It seemed like every time we adjusted the controls, some people would like the change, while others would prefer the controls without the new adjustment. It was becoming clear that touch controls make very poor dpad substitutes so we spent a lot of time developing a new approach for controls using the touch screen.

Using our new approach, the player is finally empowered to customize their controls specifically to their personal preferences with great detail.See our FAQs below for more details.

> Does this game have zombies?
> That's cool but zombies are boring... you guys should make them pirate zombies!
Not a question, but done!
> Can they be vampires too?
Vamperic Pirate Zombies... ok you got it!
> Why do the Vamperic Pirate Zombies sometimes walk in mid air without falling?
They give zero fracks About gravity.
> Why is this game so hard?
Retro Games from this generation are generally considered more difficult than today's "Everybody Wins!" games.
> Why is this game so easy?
Because you're the beeessssst arrrround!

> You guys worked really hard and I really love the game, how can I help?
Very cool, we're glad you enjoyed it!We have a tip jar through PayPal on our website: indiegamesstudio.com.
> The game is kind of short, what gives?
The game is d

Bro Dudes 1.3publisher's software

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