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Advanced Phone Lock 1.03


Allow you to lock any application from your smartphone.

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Tektronic Srl

Description of Advanced Phone Lock 1.03

Advanced Phone Lock is an integrated Locker service which allows you to lock any application from your smartphone. Nobody can use the locked applications without to know the password. You can lock any important application which stores Sensitive data for you like credit card numbers, financial data, passwords, images, sms messages or anything else important for you. The service is also able to lock the phone and keypad. When the phone is locked, you or somebody else have to enter the password in order to unlock and continue to use the phone as normally. The same password is used for any lock/unlock action in order to have an easy use.

Applications Lock key features.

-you can select and lock as many as applications you wish.
-allows you to set the lock mode.
-disable the lock if charging.
-all applications lock settings can be changed (enabled/disabled).

Phone Lock key features.

-able to lock after the phone is powered-on (lock at boot).
-you can set an AutoLock period after which the phone is automatically locked (1-30 minutes).
-the phone can be locked by the long press of a key (hotkey). You can define the hotkey long press period between 1 to 10 seconds and choose the hotkey from a list.
-locks the phone if the case (slider or cover) is closed or opened.
-able to lock the keypad also when the phone is locked.
-disable the phone lock if charging. This works similar like for the applications lock described above.
-all phone lock settings can be changed (enabled/disabled). *


-When started the First Time you need to enter the default password which is 1234. You can change the password from the main menu.
-Using Advanced Phone Lock, it is strongly recommended you lock the 'Installer' and the 'Applications Manager' built-in applications in order to prevent unauthorised persons to uninstall any application (including Advanced Phone Lock). Please, see the user guide for more information.

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